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[DIR] Parent Directory - [SND] 2016_01_21_NEWSCAST_MCERA Public Comments.mp3 21-Jan-2016 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST 10 05 2015 Asphalt Plant Court Hearing.mp3 06-Oct-2015 18:15 4.4M [SND] NEWSCAST 10 06 2015 Barton Sentencing Valley Fire Recovery.mp3 07-Oct-2015 18:15 5.3M [SND] NEWSCAST 10 07 2015 Redwood Valley Dollar General Store Hearing.mp3 08-Oct-2015 18:15 4.6M [SND] NEWSCAST 10 08 2015 Valley Fire Recovery NorthCoast Brewery Water .mp3 09-Oct-2015 18:15 4.6M [SND] NEWSCAST 10 12 2015 Hopland Arch Day.mp3 19-Oct-2015 18:15 3.0M [SND] NEWSCAST 10 14 2015 Butte County Police Shooting.mp3 14-Dec-2015 18:15 4.6M [SND] NEWSCAST 10 26 2015 Woodhouse Asphalt .mp3 27-Oct-2015 18:15 2.9M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_04_2016_Ft Bragg Murder_Homeless Shelter Ukiah Pt 1.mp3 04-Jan-2016 18:16 9.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_05_2016_Masonite Purchase_Dollar General.mp3 05-Jan-2016 18:16 9.3M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_06_2016_Jude Thilman.mp3 11-Jan-2016 18:16 9.1M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_07_2016_Pinizzotto Resigns_DG Farm Pt 2.mp3 07-Jan-2016 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_08_2016_DG Lawsuit_Unbranded Horses.mp3 08-Jan-2016 18:16 9.4M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_11_2016_AnnaNicoleShapiro_Calfire Update.mp3 11-Jan-2016 18:19 9.4M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_13_2016_Broadband Outage Results.mp3 13-Jan-2016 18:16 9.1M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_14_2016_MCPC meeting excerpts.mp3 14-Jan-2016 18:16 9.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_15_2016_New Mental Health Director_Gas Leak.mp3 15-Jan-2016 18:16 9.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_18_2016_Lake Co recovery_Amigo Bob KQED.mp3 18-Jan-2016 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_19_2016_Charter Movement_Global Rivers.mp3 19-Jan-2016 18:18 23M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_20_2016_Retirement Board_FEMA Flood Willits.mp3 20-Jan-2016 18:16 9.9M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_25_2016_Wool Mill DPO Success.mp3 25-Jan-2016 18:16 9.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_26_2016_Retirement_Angelo_Sako.mp3 27-Jan-2016 18:18 24M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_27_2016_Gjerde Pension_Bare Hand Knitting.mp3 28-Jan-2016 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_28_2016_Gjerde_Dickerson_Pension.mp3 28-Jan-2016 18:17 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_01_29_2016_Asphalt Hearing_Dickerson part 2.mp3 29-Jan-2016 18:16 9.5M [SND] NEWSCAST_02_01_2016_Asphalt Hearing.mp3 16-Feb-2016 18:16 9.2M [SND] NEWSCAST_02_02_2016_Cold Case_Affordable Housing and Land.mp3 16-Feb-2016 18:17 9.7M [SND] NEWSCAST_02_03_2016_March 1st deadline_New tick diseases.mp3 16-Feb-2016 18:18 9.3M [SND] NEWSCAST_02_04_2016_172 Ruling_ATT Broadband.mp3 16-Feb-2016 18:19 9.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_02_05_2016_MCOG roads_Little on Pot_Yasmin Voters.mp3 16-Feb-2016 18:20 9.7M [SND] NEWSCAST_02_10_2016_UCLA Redwood Study.mp3 16-Feb-2016 18:21 9.5M [SND] NEWSCAST_02_11_2016_931 legitimacy.mp3 16-Feb-2016 18:22 9.2M [SND] NEWSCAST_02_19_2016_Allman Kemper Meeting.mp3 19-Feb-2016 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_02_23_2016_Trauma Training_Mondavi Dies.mp3 23-Feb-2016 18:16 9.2M [SND] NEWSCAST_02_24_2016_Child Abuse Case_Measure V.mp3 24-Feb-2016 18:15 9.3M [SND] NEWSCAST_02_25_2016_Beavers OAEC.mp3 25-Feb-2016 18:16 9.2M [SND] NEWSCAST_03_03_2016_Betty Yee.mp3 04-Mar-2016 18:16 9.4M [SND] NEWSCAST_03_04_2016_McCowen Mental Health.mp3 07-Mar-2016 18:17 23M [SND] NEWSCAST_03_14_2016_Lake Mendo Dam_Boonville Water .mp3 14-Mar-2016 18:17 22M [SND] NEWSCAST_03_15_2016_Homeless Shelter Closing.mp3 15-Mar-2016 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_03_16_2016_County's New Cannabis rules.mp3 17-Mar-2016 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_03_17_2016_Allman Warns Growers_Vivian Brown Trauma Training.mp3 17-Mar-2016 18:18 25M [SND] NEWSCAST_03_18_2016_Prop 172_Logging Conference.mp3 18-Mar-2016 18:15 9.3M [SND] NEWSCAST_03_21_2016_Tsunami Test_Rally for the Valley.mp3 21-Mar-2016 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_01_2015_Mental Health Montage.mp3 01-Sep-2015 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_02_2015_Boonville Bust_KMUD Klamath.mp3 02-Sep-2015 18:16 9.9M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_03_2015_Outage_Police Chiefs.mp3 04-Sep-2015 18:16 9.5M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_04_2015_VanPatten Outage_Overweight Mendo.mp3 04-Sep-2015 18:18 20M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_08_2015_Confederate_Vandana Shiva.mp3 08-Sep-2015 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_09_2015_Homeless Shelter_Hamburg Broadband.mp3 09-Sep-2015 18:16 9.3M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_10_2015_Laytonville Remains_Hospital.mp3 10-Sep-2015 18:16 9.3M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_11_2015_Historical Cannabis_El Nino.mp3 11-Sep-2015 18:16 9.2M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_14_2015_Valley Fire .mp3 14-Sep-2015 18:15 9.4M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_15_2015_Valley Fire Drones_Clay Eubank.mp3 15-Sep-2015 18:16 10M [SND] 16-Sep-2015 18:17 9.3M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_17_2015_Currents Valley Fire Recap.mp3 17-Sep-2015 18:16 9.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_18_2015_Valley Fire Heroes_Geysers.mp3 18-Sep-2015 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_21_2015_Red Cross_Lois Lockheart.mp3 21-Sep-2015 18:16 9.9M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_22_2015_MHAB Ortner Contract.mp3 22-Sep-2015 18:17 9.7M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_23_2015_Wowser Closing_Pinoleville Bust.mp3 23-Sep-2015 18:16 9.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_24_2015_DPO_Loudon Wainwright.mp3 24-Sep-2015 18:16 9.1M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_25_2015_DPO Wool Mill.mp3 25-Sep-2015 18:16 11M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_28_2015_Red Cross Defense_Indian Health Fair.mp3 28-Sep-2015 18:16 9.5M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_29_2015_Yorkville Murder_Cannabis Insiders.mp3 29-Sep-2015 18:16 9.5M [SND] NEWSCAST_09_30_2015_Asphalt Plant Complaints.mp3 30-Sep-2015 18:16 9.5M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_01_2015_Eyster Prop 172_Ft Bragg H20 Emergency.mp3 01-Oct-2015 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_02_2015_Hamburg on Measure M and Prop 172.mp3 02-Oct-2015 18:16 9.4M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_13_2015_Prop 172 DeVall_Golden Rule.mp3 13-Oct-2015 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_14_2015_FEMA_Auditor Rebuttal.mp3 14-Oct-2015 18:16 9.2M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_15_2015_Bypass Protest.mp3 15-Oct-2015 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_16_2015_Frisbee Bypass Protest_DeVall CEOvsCAO.mp3 16-Oct-2015 18:16 9.9M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_19_2015_Asphalt State Investigation.mp3 19-Oct-2015 18:16 9.4M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_20_2015_Russian River Bacteria.mp3 20-Oct-2015 18:16 9.2M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_21_2015_Calfire Chief Jim Wright.mp3 21-Oct-2015 18:16 9.4M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_22_2015_Lake Co Trees_Realtor.mp3 22-Oct-2015 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_23_2015_Lake Co Trees Cont'd.mp3 23-Oct-2015 18:16 9.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_26_2015_El Nino Outlook.mp3 26-Oct-2015 18:16 9.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_27_2015_Public Defender on Competency Restoration_Valley Fire Recovery.mp3 29-Oct-2015 18:16 9.7M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_28_2015_Kit Elliot_Rural Digital Divide.mp3 28-Oct-2015 18:16 9.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_29_2015_Rural Dig Divide PT 2_Allman Mental Illness.mp3 29-Oct-2015 18:17 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_10_30_2015_Bypass Native Lawsuit_New Willits Hospital.mp3 02-Nov-2015 18:16 9.9M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_09_2015_Roundup_CBDG Ranking_MCDH Honors.mp3 10-Nov-2015 18:15 9.7M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_10_2015_Nelson Retiring_Georgia Pacific.mp3 10-Nov-2015 18:16 9.9M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_12_2015_Allman Mental Health.mp3 12-Nov-2015 18:16 9.6M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_13_2015_Asphalt_Wowser_Allman.mp3 13-Nov-2015 18:16 12M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_16_2015_Allman Jail Tactics_Calfire Burn Permits.mp3 16-Nov-2015 18:16 10M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_17_2015_ID Theft Scam_Crab_Lake Co Realtor.mp3 17-Nov-2015 18:16 9.5M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_18_2015_Lake Co Realtor_BOS CBDG.mp3 18-Nov-2015 18:16 9.5M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_19_2015_KQED Old Coast_Green and Sober.mp3 19-Nov-2015 18:16 9.6M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_20_2015_Jail Denial_Woodhouse Defense.mp3 20-Nov-2015 18:16 9.6M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_23_2015_9.31 Ad Hoc_MRC Tour.mp3 23-Nov-2015 18:16 12M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_24_2015_BHAB update_Ft Bragg City Council.mp3 24-Nov-2015 18:19 9.6M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_25_2015_Mary Farewell_YSO Laytonville Grief.mp3 25-Nov-2015 18:16 9.6M [SND] NEWSCAST_11_30_2015_Bark Beetle_AdoptAFamily.mp3 30-Nov-2015 18:16 9.9M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_04_2015_DA Raise_Crab Fishery_Gang Arrest.mp3 04-Dec-2015 18:15 4.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_07_2015_Crab Closure_Cannabis Roundup.mp3 07-Dec-2015 18:15 5.0M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_09_2015_DA will stay_Public Health Crab.mp3 09-Dec-2015 18:17 20M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_10_2015_Lake Co Flood Prep_Scalmanini Mayor.mp3 10-Dec-2015 18:16 9.9M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_11_2015_Fur Seals_John Trudell.mp3 11-Dec-2015 18:17 19M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_1_2015_Giving Tuesday.mp3 01-Dec-2015 18:15 4.7M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_21_2015_MCAFD Lawsuit_Fukushima Boat.mp3 21-Dec-2015 18:18 24M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_22_2015_Kit Elliot Lawsuit_Dan Gjerde on 172.mp3 23-Dec-2015 18:16 9.2M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_23_2015_Roderick pt 2_Huffman .mp3 23-Dec-2015 18:17 9.5M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_28_2015_Farmers' Market Fines_Elizabeth Larsen.mp3 28-Dec-2015 18:16 9.7M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_29_2015_Konocti Montage_New CA Laws 2016.mp3 29-Dec-2015 18:15 4.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_2_2015_RCHDC Housing.mp3 03-Dec-2015 18:16 9.9M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_30_2015_Valley Fire Runoff_Disability Pt 1.mp3 30-Dec-2015 18:16 9.1M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_3_2015_PtArenaLibary_StateOfJefferson.mp3 03-Dec-2015 18:17 9.8M [SND] NEWSCAST_12_8_2015_BOS Raises DA Sheriff_Fed Help Crab.mp3 08-Dec-2015 18:16 10M
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